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“Best yoga class I have been to!”


The latest...

No yoga week beginning 15th July

Summer Yoga Classes:

Included in your YOGA360 but please book. Alternatively available as PAYG:

Mondays at St John's Church, Lepton 7-8pm

22nd, 29th July

12th, 26th August

Fridays at Lepton Methodist Church 9.30-10.30 am

12th, 26th July

2nd, 16th, 30th August

Regular classes and courses will resume Friday 6th September and Monday 9th Septmeber

Unlimited classes for £30 pm/ book-online!

Single Yoga Class

£12 PAYG

Book online


YOGA 1-1

Your time, your space, your yoga.

Choose your package

Weekly or monthly payment plans are available.

Contact Katy to discuss your needs.

Click on "book online" for class descriptions.


Why Yoga with Katy?

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“You’re no spring chicken anymore!”

These were the words my mum had been saving up for my 40th birthday and I have to admit they made me pause.

Was I over-the-hill? If it’s not spring then what does summer look like, or even autumn?


Yoga has always flirted with me, but like any great love, timing is everything. The COVID lockdown saw me turn to my practice again and again in order to save my sanity in a busy household, shared with a husband and 4 young boys.My youngest child was born in 2019, with a rare genetic disorder and has endured a gruelling schedule of operations over his 4 years of life so far. Many of those took place during the covid restrictions. Let’s not mention the “S” word.


My journey with meditation and yoga exactly corresponds to his journey into the world. It has been a coping mechanism and then more.

I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training under Rachel Hanberry Yoga Limited in June 2023, specialising in vinyasa flow.


I take more joy and delight out of my life than I ever have in the years before I became a semi-serious yogini. I’m not naturally serious about anything so this was a big change in itself! My body feels capable and strong, it supports me in my very active physical life as a parent. My mind is not always clear, but it gets clear, I know what to do, I am more self-aware and yet more self-confident, instead of self-conscious and anxious.

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Having experienced the liberating effect of a yoga and meditation practice it has now become my drive to share that with anybody I can get into a corner or shove through the door. If you meet me, I will ask you to join my Facebook group and I will ask you if you are free on Mondays and Fridays (I was a high school teacher for over 15 years and that explains a lot)!


People tell me they “haven’t got time” to do a yoga class every week or they feel they are “not flexible enough”. Let me tell you now, you will become MORE flexible if you practice yoga. You will age better, and you will FEEL GREAT. And with regards to time, we all need to reassess our priorities on a regular basis; do you have time to NOT do a yoga class? Life is for living well.


I can’t wait to welcome all you new folk who have signed up or who are thinking about joining a class and I’m here for any questions or concerns. My classes are fun and personal. They are for all bodies and anybody!

Join me and start your journey: It's Time to Feel Good!


At your service and with Love,

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Yoga on Beach


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"Katy is amazing, her style is highly motivational, she is always inclusive of all her class members and mindful of individual abilities. I love attending her classes. She is one-of-a-kind, like no other yoga teacher I have come across, she has great energy but is also incredibly calming. Join one of her classes and see for yourself."

Jo Briscoe



"Katy's classes have helped me to find a small moment of peace in a busy life as a working mum. The hour with Katy is a chance to challenge my body, still my mind and take a breath. She is a wonderful teacher and I am grateful for her guidance!"


Rebecca Joyce

"Katy has given me the confidence and self-belief to start my yoga journey and I'm excited to see where it will lead. I feel stronger physically and mentally after only a few months. My hour a week in Katy's class is MY time and I was surprised how comfortable I felt from the very beginning."


Sarah Place 

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Get in Touch with Katy Martins Yoga

To book a class or for any inquiries,

please contact me at:

You can also join our facebook community group: katymartinsyoga

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